Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My first blog

The human experience is full of firsts. Some of these firsts are embarrassing moments that we would rather burry deep in our memories like that high school photo memorializing your first giant pimple or that first car that might have driven better if you took out the floor and hit it like a Flintstone. Then there are the firsts that make us proud. Things like a first home, a first child, or our first promotion – even if it was at a more or less crummy job. As humans we have first kisses, first steps, first loves, and first pets. We get first haircuts, speak first words, and get stoked about our first pair of converse shoes. We grieve at our first funerals, cry over our first breakup, and make first best friends. Firsts can be terrifying, mesmerizing, and downright gratifying. What most forget to consider about firsts is that they most often lead to seconds!

Here’s to all the firsts, and the seconds that inevitably follow!


Rose-Anne Cardinal

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