Friday, July 11, 2008

The itsy bitsy spider crawled up the water spout...

Here in the middle of nowhere there are a lot of creatures of the creepy crawly kind. I grew up in this neck-of-the-woods which may be why they don't bother me so much, but rarely have I ever met a person who enjoys watching them as I do rather than shriek and lay a large stomping foot down on these innocent offenders. Spiders seem to be largely responsible for what I call "the shrieking housewife syndrome" - something which just as many men seem to suffer from. As if I couldn't get any more strange, I decided to start making beaded spiders inspired by folklore, myth, and the real deal as an ode to those very misunderstood arachnids. These beaded spider attention grabbers can be purchased on my Etsy shop at

Spider facts:
- Contrary to popular belief, spiders aren't all out to get you.
- Unlike the big bad wolf's large eyes to "all the better to see you with," spiders don't have up to 8 eyes to lay them all on you. On the contrary many of them are nearsighted.
- Spiders can clean your garden of up to 2,000 insects a year. Think about that fact the next time you lay a rubber sole down on one of these hard working arachnids.
- Almost all spiders carry venom, but not all of them will kill you.
- Spiders are hunted as much as they are hunters.
- In some cultures spiders are a delicacy and some even believe that if they are eaten they can heal.

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